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December 27, 201710 min

You might hear some people say out loud that 2017 was not a very good year for movies, and those people would be wrong. How can you say it was a bad year when we got some of the best comic book movies in Thor Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Logan as well as Wonder Woman? Sure, we also got Justice League, but it was cool just to watch all of them come together even if the movie wasn’t that good. This was also the year we became scared of someone sending us to the “Sunken place” and when one of our favorite characters of the year was named Baby. We also saw Netflix release more original moves with a lot of them being great like Okja and Gerald’s Game to name a few. So, 2017 was a pretty good year from movies as you can see I just scratched the surface so far. Enough about all the other movies, the real reason you are here is to read about my ten favorite films of the year, so without further ado.

10. I, Tonya

Going into I, Tonya I found myself thinking, “Do young people even know who Tonya Harding is?” Well lucky for you it doesn’t matter because the story tells itself. As for us who lived through the infamous knee breaking this is the way we deserved to hear this story. Lead my Margot Robbie as Harding, this movie will leave your sides hurting from laughing so often. Robbie though isn’t the only one who shines, so does Sabastian Stan as her husband and Alison Janney as her mother who steals every scene she is in. Even though is comes in at number ten, I Tonya wins the gold in my eyes.

9. Logan

The character of Wolverine has always been a fan favorite, but when it came to his stories on film they were always slightly declawed. Well not with Logan, as the claws are out and in full force with this Wolverine story done right. Everything about this James Mangold masterpiece is good and it is the Wolverine story we always deserved. Jackman who has played the character for twenty years bids farewell for good and makes sure he goes out his way.

8. Personal Shopper

This is filmmaker Olivier Assayas second film with Kristen Stewart and if someone is asking me, I hope not their last. Stewart plays Maureen, a woman who is a personal shopper for someone famous who doesn’t want to leave her present location until she has made contact with her dead brother. This movie is beautiful in so many ways and after watching it you will understand why it is on this list.

7. Dunkirk

There are certain filmmakers who you will see their films no matter what they do. Christopher Nolan is such a filmmaker and when he had me at hello when I heard he was doing the story of Dunkirk. From the way he tells the story, to what feels like little dialogue, like Saving Priviate Ryan, this film reminds you the horror of war that won’t let you forget anytime soon.

6 Baby Driver

So far, my list has been a lot of serious stories, but that is changing right now. With Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver you will have more fun than should be allowed by law. From a killer soundtrack to a great cast, Baby Driver brings you back to the days when the car movie ruled and the driver was the coolest man in the room, always.

5. Good Time

I almost find it fitting that the film I follow up with what I think I the best time you can have in a theater is called Good Time. While the title might make you think the party will never stop while watching this film, it would not be true. Instead you get a killer performance from Robert Pattinson as he plays a man who after a heist goes bad, spends the night trying to free his brother before being sent to Riker’s Island.

4. Molly’s Game

Also on the list of filmmakers who you just simply don’t miss anything they do is Aaron Sorkin. With this story Sorkin puts you in the world on Molly (Jessica Chastain) who was once an Olympic- class skier who would one day be called the “Poker Princess.” Chastain seems perfect for the Sorkin world and adding Idris Elba to the mix gives you a story you only want more of.

3. Call me by Your Name

When it comes to Luca Guadagnino’s love story, quite frankly it can call me whatever it wants. Set in Northern Italy in 1983, Call me by Your Name is the story a relationship between Elio (Timothée Chalamet) and Oliver (Armie Hammer) set against the Italian landscape, whose last thirty minutes will haunt your soul forever.

2. Lady Bird

There was not a more perfect movie than Lady Bird for me this year, so why is it not number one you might ask? Movies to me are about the personal connection you have with it and while I do think this movie is Perfect, my connection was stronger with my number one. Lady Bird is a coming of age story told by Greta Gerwig, who has written screeplays before, but this being her directorial debut. With a story that fits no matter what time it is set in and a great cast lead by Saoirse Ronan, this is one story you will want to share with the ones you care about.

1. The Florida Project

This is the movie that did the most to me this year, Sean Baker’s tale of adventure and mayhem in the shadows of the happiest place on the Earth. This film is both beautiful and heartbreaking and all comes together thanks to Brooklynn Prince who plays Moonee, the heart and soul at the center of the wonderful story. Baker and Cinematographer Alexis Zabe create a stunning world that might just make you rethink your own.

. Honorable Mention: Step, BPM(Beats Per Minute), Get Out, The Post, and Three Billboards Outside Edding, Missouri, The Big Sick

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