The Boss Baby

March 31, 20175 min

At some point as a parent you will have to have that dreaded conversation with your child, you know the “where do babies come from?” talk. Lucky for us the years have given us many different stories to tell where they come from, even though most of them are not the truth. We as parents try and make up the best stories, from things like babies coming from the stork, or maybe even being delivered from the baby store. Well, thanks to “The Boss Baby” we now have a new one.

Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi) has it all. He has parents who will do anything for him, including sing him his special song , read three stories, and give him five hugs every night before bed. Like with every only child the one thing that can take that away is a brother or sister. For Tim, he gets a new sibling (Alec Baldwin), who seems to be not your average baby brother. For one thing he wears a suit and has board meetings with other babies all who can talk it seems. Of course no one can see this and as Tim tries to prove to the adults what he knows, he and baby realize something, they need each other. Tim finds out that Baby has been sent down from the originally named Babyco to stop babies from losing any more attention to puppies.  Its up to Baby and Tim to find out what the new puppy is that is about to be introduced and keep babies number one in the hearts of people.

“The Boss Baby” has few things that are very memorable about it. The things that do stick with you are that babies come from a factory that decides if they are management material by their lack of being ticklish and Alec Baldwin replacing Coffee is for closers with cookies. For the most part though “The Boss Baby” feels like it comes from a kids-movie-factory as it really has little life to it. Baldwin is fine and you would think babies plus talking would equal a win/win. It turns out in this case it isn’t and not even a bunch of cute puppies can save this one. Sure it’s got all the pretty colors and silly humor that will keep kids attention, but for you parents, one time will be enough.  In a day and age where so many animated films rase the bar, this one feels more like one you will find with the other straight to video movies. I judge movies like this on the entertainment value for both adults and kids; after all we are all in this together. “The Boss Baby” will pass the kids test, but after one viewing for us adults it will make you want to do what every person wants to do with a baby that is not theirs, give it back.

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