Ordinary Angels

February 23, 202460/1005 min
Alan Ritchson, Hilary Swank, Amy Acker
Written by
Kelly Fremon Craig( screenplay by), Meg Tilly ( writer)
Directed by
Jon Gunn
Run Time
1h 56min
Release Date
February 23rd, 2024
Overall Score
Rating Summary

If you watch the news or get on any social type of media these days, you’re most likely aware that there seems to be a lot of anger out there. It’s easy to think that nobody likes each other and that most people would rather watch someone suffer than lend a helping hand. However, that’s not always the case. Whenever there’s a tragedy, people come together and go out of their way to help one another. That’s why we need stories that show this reality, stories that cut through the false narratives. In other words, we need stories like Ordinary Angels to remind us of our true nature.

For some people, life seems to have it out for them. Ed Schmitt (Alan Ritchson) might seem like one of those people, but you couldn’t tell from looking at him. Ed recently lost his wife to an illness, leaving him to care for their two daughters, Ashley (Skywalker Hughes) and Michelle (Emily Mitchell). But life isn’t done throwing adversity at Ed. If losing his wife wasn’t enough, Michelle desperately needs a new liver. Meanwhile, in another part of town, a hairstylist is also struggling with life, but Sharon (Hilary Swank) faces self-inflicted problems as she battles substance abuse. One day, Sharon comes across a story about Michelle in the newspaper, and something draws her to it. Before long, Sharon shows up at Ed’s wife’s funeral and is deeply moved by Michelle’s story. Sharon decides she wants to help and raises $3,000 for the family, but that’s just the beginning. Soon, the help keeps pouring in, and this stranger who has entered Ed’s life might be the key to his family’s and his daughter’s survival.

Written by Kelly Fremon Craig and Meg Tilly, Ordinary Angels at times feels clunky, but for a faith-based story, its preaching is done with a light touch. Early on, everything feels designed to convey specific information as it speeds through very familiar story beats. Eventually, the story starts to breathe and moves at a steady pace. The final 20 minutes turn into a thriller as everyone races to save Michele’s life, which might just have you cheering as you watch.

Ordinary Angels is a heartfelt homage to the real-life heroes out there. It does a good job of celebrating community spirit and how, together, we have the resilience to overcome adversity. It’s refreshing to see a story that restores your faith in humanity, and this one definitely achieves that. Swank is great as Sharon, effortlessly juggling her character’s family troubles and internal struggles. Ritchson complements her well, portraying the emotionally strained father figure perfectly. Ordinary Angels is an enduring story about faith, family, and the generosity of others, and while faith is central to the story, it never preaches to you. This story is worth hearing because it’s simply unbelievable. You’ll get swept up in it, flaws and all, and it serves as a reminder of what we’re all capable of, which is something truly valuable.

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