July 16, 202370/1006 min
Lizzy Caplan, Anthony Starr, Woody Norman, Cleopatra Coleman
Written by
Chris Thomas Devlin
Directed by
Samuel Bodin
Run Time
1h 26min
Release Date
July 21st, 2023
Overall Score
Rating Summary

If you are like me, you might lie awake at night and hear noises that seem to becoming from inside your walls. In my mind, I attribute them to my house settling or maybe even some sort of animal in my ceiling, but a thought that never entered my mind is that a person would be the reason behind those noises. Well thanks to Cobweb, I have a new thought that will cross my mind at those times, and I am sure I won’t be the only one that will question what’s behind my walls now.

      Peter  (Woody Norman)is not a happy kid, because when he is at school he is the target of a group of boys who constantly bully him. Home, though, is like a safe place for him, as his mother Carol (Lizzy Caplan) appears to be a rather loving parent, who leaves the punishment to his father Mark (Antony Starr). Things ,though, at night in that household get a little strange as Peter hears first noises and then a voice in his bedroom walls. Soon that voice and Peter start talking ,and it even tells Peter that he has to stand up for himself, which causes him to be suspended from school. Carol and Mark use this opportunity to take Peter out of school, but while that problem goes away, his home life is about to get a lot worse. Written by Chris Thomas Devlin, who delivers a tight screenplay that immerses the audience in a terrifying and dark story. When you add that screenplay with director Samuel Bodin’s ability to create a mood of dread , Cobwed is best watched with at least one light on. All of this is helped beautifully by the slow and spectacular way that Cobweb builds tension, which ends in a pretty satisfying way. A lot of this is achieved by Boldin decision to keep a lot of the horrifying secrets in the shadows , until it is necessary to bring them into the light in the story.

              I really loved what Cobweb brings to the table ,as for me those slow -build horror movies always seem to hit the right spot. You can tell attention was paid to the details, as the film is even set around Halloween, which only adds to the production design and the atmosphere of the story. Bringing it all together is the cast, led by Norman, whose character just can’t seem to get a break in life. Norman also delivers a convincing balance between being a child and outright fear, but he is not the only one who grands your attention. Caplan is also great and really pulls of being demented but never goes campy. Cobweb will definitely creep you out and will only add to your own nightmare fuel when you are alone in the dark in your own thoughts. Some may feel the film’s ending is abrupt, as it does seem to come at a rush towards the end, finding a way avoiding the over- the -top goriness, while delivering a satisfying ending All of this is easiest said as being this is one Cobweb you want to be caught in, just with lights on.

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