Top 10 of 2022

December 24, 202210 min

10. The Quiet Girl 

                 In this story about a quiet and  neglected girl, who is sent way from her mess-of-a-parents to live with foster parents for the summer. Taking place in rural Ireland in 1981, the movie is quite emotional and has an ending that left me a mess.


  1. The Banshees of Inisherin

                   The story of two best friends played by Colin Ferrell and Brendan Gleeson might be the best break up movie of the year. Written and directed by the always great Martin McDonagh, this story in both funny and heartbreaking, with Ferrell giving one of the best performances of his career.


  1. Babylon

                   In a year where movies were the subject of quite a few films, Damien Chazelle’s story set during the transition from silent to talkies is a ride to be had. Babylon also might be the movie that splits the opinion pretty evenly, but for me, I loved every minute of it.


  1. Tár

                  Sometimes you go to a movie to just watch greatness and that is what Cate Blanchett is. Tár is a showcase of one of, if not the best actress working today and its story set in the classical music world is a story worth hearing.


  1. Women Talking

                      Set in 2010, this story is about a group of women in an isolated religious community as they grapple with a brutal reality involving their faith. With strong performances throughout in the hands of the masterful Sarah Polley, this movie might leave you questioning things in your own life.


  1. The Fabelmans

                       Steven Spielberg has made so many great movies, to make a list of them would take me a bit. With The Fabelmans, he delivers what might be his most personal story yet and gives us all a reason to never give up on your dream.


  1. Everythng Everywhere All at Once

                         The best movies are always an event and only one other movie this year blew my mind more than Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s adventure. I love this movie and how it made me feel, but what I love the most is seeing Michelle Yeoh get all the love she deserves, as she is simply marvelous.


  1. RRR

                 The event movie of the year in my books and the best time I had in the theater all year are on in the same. What can I say about RRR that hasn’t been said already? To put it simply, this is why I love movies, this one has it all, action, heart, and a couple musical numbers that will have you awestruck. Did I mention it also has one of the best credit sequences I have seen in a movie in a while?


  1. Aftersun

                  This is a story about Sophie, as she reflects on a holiday she took with her father twenty years earlier. A powerful father/ daughter story that hasn’t been seen in some time and for some this movie will hit a cord they might not be ready for.


  1. Decesion to Leave

                    Park Chan-wook has done it again and delivered an incredible story that feels very Hitchcockian. It tells the story of a detective who is investigating a man’s death and the relationship he has with the man’s mysterious wife. Great performances and ending that will break your heart.

Honorable Mentions :

 Fire Of Love, All Quiet on the Western Front, Good Night Oppy, Athena, Top Gun : Maverick, The Outfit, Glass Onion : A Knives Out Mystery 

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