Good Boys

August 16, 20195 min

It seems like yesterday that I was in my preteens and entering into the sixth grade. Ok that is not true, that was a long time ago, so I need movies like Good Boys or something like Stranger Things to remind me of that time, because I might be trying to suppress my own years at that age. Enough about me though, I can see a therapist for those problems. We are here to talk about a good “R” rated comedy, a breed that looks like it might be dying after the failure of Stuber and the like which recently bombed at the box office. Enter some foul mouth preteen boys to save the day, or in this case the genre, at the perfect time, during the dog days of summer.

Max (Jacob Tremblay) is at that age where he has discovered girls, which as a boy comes at different times for us all. While Max is there, his two best friends, Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon) are not, as they have other things they are chasing. When Max is given the invite to a party at the coolest kid in schools house, where kissing will be happening, his only goal is to get there so he can get to kiss the love of his life. There is just one problem, none of them know how to kiss, so with a little help from a drone they hope spying on the older girl next door will give them the insight they need, but even the best plans can fail. After getting caught and stealing a girl’s purse that has some party material in it, an adventure begins. Leading to Max and his friends trying and learn how to kiss, but also stay friends as their lives seem to be going in different directions, now that’s what you call one wild and crazy day.

I have to say my time in my life at this age was nothing like this, I was too busy watching movies to notice the opposite sex quite yet. I did though have friends who had and while I heard stories I am just going to pretend their life was just like Max’s, but without drones. I for one will never get tired of seeing preteens using curse words and taking part in adult humor, because I mean it’s just funny. Good Boys, written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky delivers on the laughs and then some and with its tight run time of just an hour and half feels just right. The cast is great and Trembley, Williams, and Noon all seem perfect for their roles, with Trembley continuing his rise in the acting world.

This movie is quite simply a good time, one where you can just sit, turn the world off, and let the laughs roll out. I hope this movie will keep the “R” rated comedy alive, because as someone who grew up on them, its comedy we need in our lives. So not to put pressure on you, but see this, not to save films like it, because quite frankly you will have a fun time doing so.

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