September 24, 20186 min

You would think that after seventy plus years of mining stories from World War II they would start to be scrapping the bottom of the barrel. I keep thinking we will be getting a story of a cook that changed the war with his biscuits or something, but they prove me wrong every time and keep churning interesting stories. I love a good war movie so I hope they keep making them, and if you want to add a little more to spruce up a story, I am all in on that as well. It seems the makers of Overlord have heard my cry and we get a war movie amped up to the max.

Before the launch of D-Day a group of soldiers are sent to bring down a radio tower in France in order for the beach assault to have air support. In that group of men is a harden soldier named Ford (Wyatt Russell) who was just put in the group of guys that have been together since basic. As they get over France they are lighted up by the German army and most of them don’t make it on the ground alive, but a few do. They are Boyce (Jovon Adepo) a soldier who seems too gentle to be in a war, Chase (Ian De Caestecker) the units photographer and Tibbit (John Magaro) who is the mouth of the group. Together they head to complete their mission and along the way run into a French girl, Chloe (Mathilde Ollivier) who can lead them to their destination. Once there things get a lot deeper as it is discovered that the Nazis are conducting experiments as the commander of the town, Wafner (Pilou Asbaek) rounds up the participants from the village town folk. Once discovered what is really happening it’s up to the Americans to stop them and their dark and evil deeds.

Adding what equates to zombies in a war movie, I have to say this is a pretty damn good idea. I mean zombies don’t make every story better ( sorry Jane Austen), but it can never hurt. In this case it does help, but what it doesn’t is live up to the promise the premise gives you. Written by Billy Ray (Shattered Glass) and Mark L. Smith (The Revenant), the story is there, but something got lost in the telling of it. Sure the movie is fun and should be seen as big and as loud as you can, but what it could have been weighs heavy after the credits roll. The cast is good lead by Jovan Adepo, but I am still trying to see Wyatt Russell as a bad ass, because I have gotten that chill vibe from him so often. What Overlord does have working for it is one of the better opening scenes to start a war movie, which says a lot because of all the that has come before it. The monster aspect is also fun, but it really is just a war movie that happens to have a monsters in it and not the other way around. I like the chance that was taken on this film and while it is not the utter joy I hoped for, it is a fun enough to watch late at night a few years from now.

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