A Simple Favor

September 14, 20185 min

Over the last few years I feel like Anna Kendrick has become one of my favorite humans on this planet, I mean she’s a great actress and just seems like she is definitely too cool for school. So needless to say seeing that she was going to be in a movie with Blake Lively, another favorite of mine and all of the sudden early September at the movies is looking pretty goodNow that I have gotten past my excitement let me do a favor and tell you a little about this gem, A Simple Favor.

Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick) is that do-it-all mom you have seen at your children’s school. You know the one I am talking about, she has tons of energy and shows up at every single event the school has going. It’s at that school that Stephanie’s son meets another boy who he wants to have a play date with, and when his mom, Emily (Blake Lively) shows up the two boys are able to make it happen. Soon this one play date has turned into several afternoons in where Stephanie and Emily trade life stories over martinis, all while their sons play upstairs. Emily’s life looks perfect to Stephanie and when she calls her for a favor, Stephanie jumps at the chance to help her new friend, but something is wrong. Days pass without Emily appearing and soon Stephanie and Emily’s husband Sean (Henry Golding) are expecting the worst, but something still doesn’t seem right. Following clues and acting all Nancy Drew like, Stephanie starts to unravel what exactly happened to her friend Emily.

Now I know you are a little surprised by this, but I kind of was liking the idea of Lively and Kendrick in a movie together because frankly that both make everything they are in better. That is on clear display in A Simple Favor, which was written for the screen by Jessica Sharzer from Darcey Bell’s novel that is a perfect little Hitchcockian triller with a twist of dark comedy that just happens to also be directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call) The story is sharp and witty and Kendrick and Lively are absolute gold with each of their performances. Every scene they are in together are so much fun and the only thing that outshines them is Kendrick being herself as she steals the movie with that voodoo she do so well. The third player in this trio of goodness is Henry Golding who continues to introduce himself to American audiences both with Crazy Rich Asians and now this. This movie is simply a good time to be had by all and the perfect date or girls night movie that everyone will enjoy. It’s amazing what a smart story with a great cast can do and A Simple Favor has all of those and manages even a little more. This movie will make you want to hop on the Kendrick and Lively fan train, because just like this movie, they make something simple into a complex web of fantastic.

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