Isle of Dogs

April 6, 20185 min

As a movie lover I have a list of names that when they release a film I am all over it like my dog when I offer her a treat. One of those names without a doubt is Wes Anderson. They is someone, that when I watch his films I think to myself, “ This guy gets my sense of humor.” With films like “Rushmore”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” you can definitely say Anderson has a certain tone to his movies. It seems so long ago that we got our fill and with his return he decided to bring along man’s best friend with him.

Sometime in the near future in Japan a man named Kobayashi (Kunichi Nomura) is the mayor of a city who happens to have a thing for cats. It is that love and his hatred for dogs that leads him to exile our furry friends to ‘Trash Island’ because they carry the canine flu even though his chief scientist says he can have a cure. Time passes by and Kobayahi’s nephew Atari (Koyo Rankin) highjacks a prop plane and travels to ‘Trash Island’ to look for his dog Spots. Once on the island he is found by a pack of dogs lead by Chief (Bryan Cranston) who carries a chip on his shoulder for humans, being a stray and all. The other alpha dogs in the pack are Rex (Edward Norton), King (Bob Balaban), Duke (Jeff Goldblum), and Boss (Bill Murray) who all make their decisions like a democracy. Their latest vote is to help Atari find his dog, but they will have to get through the obstacles that try and stop them and keep the dogs on what is known as the Isle of Dogs.

With “Isle of Dogs” it marks the return to animation for Anderson after his almost perfect last trip with “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. I think it is safe to say that he has a thing for talking animals and like with Mr. Fox he found the right voice cast to go with it. You will not enjoy hearing the likes of Murry and Norton’s voice more than when they are coming out of dog speaking Anderson dialogue. It’s not just about the words coming out of their mouth that hits the sweet spot, as everything you see looks appetizing which is a feat within itself seeing as how most of the movie taking place in a world of trash. “Isle of Dogs” has so much going for it but the basic reason you will like it is because of the dogs, because this movie is so good even a cat lover will enjoy it. The other plus being this is a film the whole family can enjoy and when it comes to animation isn’t that what we all want? So give yourself a treat for a change and enjoy a film that will have your inner tail wagging away.

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