Brigsby Bear

August 18, 20175 min

Growing up, we all had that one show that we built our world around. It was like it was made just for us and there was no limit to our fandom. We would fill our life with it, from what we would wear to having our walls covered with their images. Now I want you to imagine your favorite show and then ask yourself what if it was indeed made just for me? That the show was for an audience of one and in the words of Damien’s nanny “It’s all for you.”

If that were your life then you would be James (Kyle Mooney), who lives a rather secluded life. His parents Ted (Mark Hamill) and Jane Mitchum (Jane Adams) have lead him to believe the world is filled with dangerous gasses. James is not aloud to go outside and his only entertainment is a show called “Brigsby Bear.” This show is all James knows and his days are filled with nothing but it. James’s life is about to take a big turn when the police show up and he finds out that his parents are not his real parents. James was abducted as a baby and his fake dad created the show just for James. Once James is freed, he is retruned to his rightful parents and his introduction to the real world gets off to a rocky start. Everything is new and for James the hardest thing for him to do is to live life without Brigsby. When James is told how Brigsby was made, his first thought it to make a movie, to finish the story. It is that adventure that helps James discover life and the family he never knew he had.

As I watched “Brigsby Bear” I couldn’t help but think of the shows I grew up on and not wanting to reveal my age I choose not to name said shows. Regardless of when you grew up you could relate to the love this guy has. Only in most cases we don’t still show that love at twenty-five years old. Writers Kevin Costello and Kyle Mooney tell this story through a child’s eyes, but in an adult world. James has never grown up and his views of the world were helped by a bear that was made up to keep the truth hidden from him.

Mooney breathes life into the story both as an actor and writer and builds a world that you want to live in. Mooney is not the only piece that shines, the whole cast is what makes this movie and is the reason why you will have watery eyes by the end. This movie is truly as magical as the world it takes you to, casting a spell on you with its charm and incredible viewpoint. It will be hard not to fall in love with Brigsby, I mean how could you not love a six foot teddy bear that talks. So come for the bear, but stay for the adorable film that will make you warm and fuzzy.

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