June 29, 20176 min

Picture in your mind’s eye that day you went to pick up the animal that would soon be your pet. The early days would be hard as you and your new best friend got used to one another. There is of course the whole poop thing, but soon a bond will form and the time with your pet will become the best of times. If you own a pet you know exactly what I am talking about, but if you don’t, well I might sound a little crazy right now. Back to painting the picture, now imagine that after years of raising this animal that someone comes and takes it away from you. Now I know that is a crappy picture to paint, but I needed for you to understand the story of “Okja”.

I realize I might not have drawn the best picture, but after you see the finished product it will all make sense. Okja is a pig/rhino that is engineered to help end world hunger. Lucy Mirando (Tilda Swinton) has decided to take all the years of bad that her father’s company has done and try and do good instead. She wants to create a food supply for the world. How she does this is she creates a new animal and with it a contest. She sends sixteen of these hybrids to different farmers only to reconvene ten years later and pick the best in show. Mija (Son-Hyun-Ahn) is the granddaughter of one of those farmers and has raised one of those animals, which she calls Okja, since it was a baby. Mija knows nothing about what people have in store for Okja, as her grandfather has kept her in the dark. When the day arrives when they come and claim Okja, Mija finds out what their plans are and thus begins a chase to bring Okja home. Along the way she meets an animal protection group led by Jay (Paul Dano) who has their own plan for Okja. Together that group and Mija will do whatever it takes to get Okja back home where she belongs.

Now you might have heard about this little film that will be coming to your home via Netfilx. As it is done often this year the streaming service is releasing another good film. While the previous films released by Netflix have been good, “Okja” is simply a joy to watch. With shades of “E.T.” or “Mac and Me” (yeah I brought up a movie no one remembers), “Okja” will bring a smile to your face. Written by Jon Ronson and Bong Joon Ho, the later also directing bring a story that young and old will enjoy. While everything is not always warm and fuzzy as the movie does have its darker moments, it still mixes in enough of the make believe with the harsh reality on how cruel the world can be. Beauty though trumps despair and with “Okja” the beauty far out weighs anything else, one that will give you the warm and fuzzies. “Okja” has the feeling of that crazy aunt we all have, sure she is off her rocker but that is what makes her so special. I really enjoyed this this one, often a film like this you have to make a little effort to seek it out. Luckily for you, that is not the case here, as “Okja” is coming to everyone. All you need is Netflix and you too can experience the simplistic beauty this film brings.

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