Baby Driver

June 28, 20175 min

Never underestimate a good playlist, because with the right one, you can do anything. It gives you motivation for a work out, it can get you through a break up, or maybe help you as a getaway driver. Of course 99.9% of you reading this would never become a getaway driver, but if you did, you would understand the power of the playlist. I have always understood that power, for it applies to movie soundtracks as well. Whether it’s needle drops (previously released songs) or score, music can really drive a film to the next level and take it from average to beyond.

I bring up music because it is such an important part in Edgar Wright’s new film “Baby Driver”. With a title like that you might fear it is a sequel to the much-loved “Baby’s Day Out”, but we are spared that. Instead this is a film about Baby (Ansel Elgort) who happens to be great at driver. Baby, you see as a youngster stole a car that he shouldn’t have. It is because of that theft that he has to help Doc (Kevin Spacey) with odd jobs, most require him using four wheels in getting people away from the police. After doing enough jobs to repay his debt Baby thinks he is out. He has met a girl named Debora (Lily James) and is ready to hit the road with her and his tunes. Those plan change when Doc asks Baby to drive his car with ‘no’, not being a possible answer. The proverbial “one more job”, and as they do, things don’t come together no matter how good the plan is.

Going into an Edgar Wright film you might have a pretty high expectation of a good time. Mr. Wright does not disappoint on that level per usual. Besides fun, the other Midas touch he possesses would be that of casting. Once again golden, as a cast lead by Elgot and Spacey, also has John Hamm, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Bernthal in it as well. The final star would be the music as Wright put together quite the playlist for you to listen to while you take this ride. This is an Edgar Wright film for sure in tone and style, but it is not like anything he has ever done. Instead this is more like a seventies crime flick done with a new millennial twist. Nothing here disappoints and it is easy to let it take the wheel and get your  heart rate above the norm. “Baby Driver” is sure to zoom to the top of the list of summer movies for 2017, so climb on in and buckle up for what might end up being one of the best rides of the year.

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