Top 7 Small Screen to Big

March 22, 20177 min
  1. The Fugitive– All this one needed was a pair of leading men in opposition of each other to make this 2-man show work. Tommy Lee Jones (Oscar for this performance) and Harrison Ford make every heart stoping moment of this film fun and exciting at every part of this 90’s thrill-ride based on the 60’s television drama.
  2. Mission Impossible– Just look at the ever toping itself sequels this Tom Cruise series has spawned. They didn’t go the horror movie route of getting worse with every new mission, but managed to stay true to the spirit of the show that inspired it while getting bigger and better. Plus getting the De Palma treatment required every subsequent part to up their game for a fantastic series of films.
  3. The Twilight Zone (The Movie)– This one seemed impossible to create in film form when its basis was essentially an anthology series, where no one episode tied itself to the other. Just a series of strange tales often with twist endings. From the brilliant opening with Albert Brooks and Dan Aykroyd, a bigot who gets his due, a kicking can with a secret, a boy with the power to do anything, to the ending with the O.G. gremlin on a plane story. This is a classic based on a classic.
  4. 21 Jump Street– Out of all the TV to film on this list, this is one that went a total 180 degrees from the source material, and completely elevated it to a comedy/action classic. The genius of Miller and Lord who would go on to make the equally brilliant “The Lego Movie”, here made fun of 80’s action flicks and added their modern blend of out-there adult humor and major meta jokes.
  5. Firefly (Serenity)– Unlike the rest of the list, this film’s show never made it to a second season, hell it never even made it halfway through its first season before it was canceled. But that couldn’t stop series creator and eventual director Joss Whedon from making sure his rag-tag of lovable outlaws got the ending they deserved. It still blows my mind that this failed to catch on, I mean come on, a western in space, who in the whole damn ‘verse wouldn’t want to see more of that?
  6. South Park (Bigger, Longer & Uncut)– This adult-themed show made with cheap cut out characters exploded in a big way, and was able to get unleashed in their film version which was itself a musical precursor to “The Book of Mormon”. Getting the rated ‘R’ treatment helped the show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone go on for a seemingly endless amount of seasons following the successful film.
  7. Transformers (The Movie)– In a bold move by the makers of the Transformers TV show, the first foray onto the big screen came with big changes. The majority of the film centered on a group of Autobots and Deceptions that we as fans were not familiar with. They even were brazen enough to kill off some major characters from the popular show that was originally created to sell toys. Which then made the movie to do the same thing, yet I recall the movie characters were much harder to find on store shelves. But watching the movie is still more fun than playing with the complicated toys were anyway.

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