Everybody Wants Some !!

April 21, 20165 min

If you could bottle any moment in your life what would that moment be? Most people would have a hard time choosing, but there might be some who wouldn’t have to think twice, because maybe they are still stuck in it. For some people High School was the time of their life. They were popular and to steal a line from “Titanic”, they were King of the world. Now with a wife, three kids, and a dead end job, life isn’t really a good time anymore. Lucky for the ones who still live in the past, there are plenty of movies that help us recall those times, and if you grew up in the seventies, and now eighties Richard Linklater is probably telling your story.

Like he did with “Dazed and Confused” for High School, Linklater is doing to the same for college as well. Jake (Blake Jenner) was a High School baseball star, all-state second time as a matter fact, and is off to play college ball. Jake, like all High School sport stars is used to being the big man on campus, but now he is about to step into another world. Staying in a house that the baseball team occupies and with three days before class begins, college life is about to begin for him. Jake goes out with his teammates, and meets Beverly (Zoey Deutch), as he is the quiet guy in the back seat, that wins him points. For the next three days life is about fun, alcohol, and girls, as the team is in it for nothing but a good time.

Over the years “Dazed and Confused” has long past just being “alright, alright, alright” and has become a classic. Linklater coming off “Boyhood” has written a movie that is a continuation of his last film, that moment with the guy showing up for college. Like with both the above-mentioned films, “Everybody Wants Some!!” hits the perfect cord and shows life of a simpler time. Like with “Dazed” the cast is largely unknown, and I am sure we will be looking back a ten years from now amazed that one film had so many good actors in it. This film seems to hit on all the right notes, and transports you back in time, as if you are living that life again. Linklater just knows how to write about life, as I am sure his time as a college baseball player served him well while writing this film. This movie is just plain fun, with dialogue that just flows and a soundtrack that will have you looking it up on iTunes in the parking lot. As I watched this movie, I couldn’t help but think of the things I missed by not going to college. Whether you can relate or not, everyone will indeed want some.

Four out of five stars

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