Goodnight Mommy

October 16, 20155 min

If you asked most people for their definition of a horror movie, I think most would conjure in their minds the image of a man with a rather large knife and, or a mask on. Thankfully for teenagers who venture out into the woods that is just a portion of the horror genre. Most of the films in that genre seem to just have one goal, and that is to mess with your mind in all the worst ways. After watching movies that do that, you might long for the cat jumping out to scare you as these fears are real, and may make you think about some of your life decisions, like why did I see this movie in the first place?

“Goodnight Mommy “ is a German film that will leave you sitting in your chair as the credits roll thinking about what you just saw. Lukas (Lukas Schwarz) and Ellias (Ellias Schwarz) are brothers who have moved into a new home. With them is their Mother (Susanne Wuest), who is recovering from some facial cosmetic surgery. What begins as two boys happy to be reunited with their mother soon turns to distrust, as the boys start to question who has come home to them. Not being able to see their mother’s face, which is covered in bandages, and a difference in how she treats her son’s only fans the flames more. The boys soon devise a way to determine who this person who claims to be their mother really is, and that is only the beginning.

When you walk into a film knowing very little, especially in a film like this, it only enhances the experience. “Goodnight Mommy” grabs a hold of you slowly, while only tightening its grip as the film progresses, and by the time it’s over it will leave you wondering what to believe. This is not one of those films that leave you when the credits roll; instead it stays with you, haunting your thoughts. While there are plenty of horror in the things you might see, the film is also filled with a beauty that is all around you. Written and directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz whose simplistic approach only adds to the finished product. I have seen a lot of horror films in my day. Some have made me jump, while more often than not they have made me laugh. Once in awhile though I come access one that does neither, but instead leaves me in awe what I just saw, and a little disturbed as well. “Goodnight Mommy” is not just a very good horror/thriller, it’s an incredible film,  that might just make you seek out your mom and give her a hug.

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