Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

December 19, 20145 min

I believe in conserving our planets resources and trying to eliminate as much of my carbon footprint as I can. So as often as I can, I recycle, because I know that recycling is a good thing. When might you ask is recycling not the right thing to do, well for me there is only one answer to that question, when it comes to movies. We have seen one film split into two parts and sequels that should have never been made all in the name of the mighty dollar.

What has brought me to ramble on about recycling? Well that would be the latest “Night at the Museum” film and with fingers crossed, I hope the last. Larry (Ben Stiller) is still the night guard at New York’s Museum of Natural History, but he is also in charge of the night programs and those cool special effects he creates. What everyone else does not know, is it is not special effects, but just a special tablet that makes everything come alive in the museum at night. When something starts to happen to the tablet though the only person who might have an answer is at a museum in London. So Larry packs up Teddy (Robin Williams), Jedediah (Owen Wilson), Octavius (Steve Coogan), and Ahkmenrah (Rami Malek) and heads to London to find the answers to the questions he seeks. Once in London we relive the original “Night at the Museum” just not as funny.

How many times can you do the same thing and still expect to get a laugh? When Stiller and director Shawn Levy made the first film in 2006 it was ok, but it was at least funny. Fast-forward eight years and a few sequels later, and the gags are just not funny anymore. This feels more about the paychecks than making a good movie. However the more I think about it, what could you have done to make this good? The story doesn’t really lend it’s self to different variations. “Night at the Museum” to me was always the idea of “Toy Story”, but in a museum, which is a good idea. If this series had stayed with just one, it would have been perfect; instead you have two sequels that have lessened the quality of the original. This film I know is made for something a family can watch together, it has all the childish jokes everyone can enjoy, only this time they are reaching for the laughs. There are things you can do instead of seeing this movie, things like staying home, or better yet go to a real museum, because at least there you will actually enjoy it.


Brian Taylor

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