November 7, 20146 min

“Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.”

Someone once said that space was the final frontier, it is after all the entire last great unknown. There have been plenty of stories told about exploring that unknown and what we might find out there, and those stories have tackled every genre in TV books, games and film. What makes those stories so appealing to us is the fact that we don’t know what is out there, so we want to hear any and all theories to what could happen, and for me, there is no better way to tell this kind of tale than cinematically. You don’t have to look back much further than last year’s “Gravity” to see how it can be done right, and how it can capture so many of our imaginations.

When it comes to movies dealing with space you have so many that are hard to forget, and with “Interstellar”, you have another one to add to that list. Earth is not doing to well, and it won’t be long before the human race runs out of the resources that will sustain the next generation. Cooper (Matthew McConaughy) is a pilot and an engineer, though there is little need for either in this world. That changes when Cooper finds a message that takes him to a location where man is preparing to travel through a wormhole in order to find a new home for mankind. Cooper is the pilot who can take them there, and with the help of Amelia (Anne Hathway) they set out on a mission that could end in disaster. Cooper has two kids, his daughter Murph and son Tom, who he reluctantly leaves, but does in order to preserve their future and also to prevent the Earth’s pending doom. Once on the mission Cooper and his crew must make the right decisions in order to save mankind from itself.

Long ago we would look at the stars and dream of the possibilities. Space gave us hope and at the same time reminded us how precious life can be. “Interstellar” reminds us of that feeling, and shows us that we can dream, and when we dream we should dream big. Christopher and Jonathan Nolan have put together one of the most visually stunning movies you will come across. While the film’s beauty is something that should be admired, the ears will not be left out, as they enjoy the perfect score from Hans Zimmer. While the film will leave your senses happy, it will test your patience with its runtime of two hours and forty-nine minutes, and while the first half takes its time, the second half will have your complete attention. With a “stellar” cast lead by McConaughey, who proves he can drive something other than a Lincoln, and show that his Oscar win last year might just be a new beginning. While many of you will make your way to see this film this weekend, there is really only one way to see it. IMAX is pretty much a must, as Nolan unleashes the perfect IMAX film to the world. This is surely one of if not the best film set is space. The thing Nolan accomplishes with this film, is that he reminds us all to aim for the stars and to never stop dreaming, and great things can happen, just like this movie.

Brian Taylor

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