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August 16, 20156 min

“ The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that… he’s gone.”
Twenty years ago this week the world was introduced to Keyser Soze and the film “The Usual Suspects”. This was a movie that begged for multiple views, because after the first time, all you wanted to do was watch it again and again to catch the clues to one of the great surprise endings of all time. We as movie lovers enjoy a good “didn’t-see-that-coming” moment, and because we do, we here at The Cine-Men decided to write what we think are five of those shocking moments, when the mask is pulled off and the true villain is revealed. Included are major plot points of the movies below, so If you haven’t seen these movies DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER, because we are about to give things away. Consider yourself warned. Enjoy!

“Rolo Tamassi”- “L.A. Confidential”
Even fans of James Ellroy’s novel didn’t see this one coming, especially since it wasn’t even in the book. When Det. Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) is killed mid movie, his dying words were “Rolo Tamassi”. That is the springboard into the final act as we find out Capt. Dudley Smith (James Cromwell) is the one pulling the strings that pits cop against cop in this epic crime tale.

“Roy” Stampler – “Primal Fear “
If you are going to be a cold-blooded killer of a priest, then hiding yourself as a stuttering kid who is not all there is the perfect cover. “Primal Fear” introduced us to the greatness that is Edward Norton, who right out the gate creates a character you would never think committed the crime he is accused of. That is until that reveal moment, in which “Roy” lets his true self-come out and we as the audience are marveling at what we just saw.

Tyler Durden-“Fight Club”
Knowing I am already breaking the first two rules of Fight Club, so I will try and keep this short. The movie “Fight Club” is a classic among the twenty-something’s of the 90’s who were lucky enough to see it in the theater. That moment you find out that Durden (Brad Pitt) is the split personality of Edward Norton’s nameless character is mind blowing. The movie begs for repeat viewings, as you try and find those cleverly placed moments that give everything away, but somehow never takes away the joy and awesomeness that leaves us questioning nothing. Because “In Tyler we Trust.”

Mrs. Bates –“Psycho”
As I type this out, I can’t help but hear Bernard Herrmann’s legendary score playing in my head. What starts as a movie about a woman-on-the run who stole $40,000 from her boss, turns into a film about a guy with a serious case of being a “mommas boy”. While the turn is enough, the performance by Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates) puts it over the top, and makes this monster in disguise one of the most memorable villains film history.

Keyser Soze- “The Usual Suspects”
There is no more influential moment in 90’s cinema than when Agent Kujan (Chazz Palminteri) drops his coffee cup and puts everything together about the story of five criminals and the boogeyman crime lord who sets them up. Add the straightening of Kevin Spacey’s (Verbal Kent) feet as he leaves the police station and you have the perfect movie WTF moment before they became so commonplace. Even after twenty years this films story with its constant misdirection’s is still a joy to watch, and one of those movies you can’t wait to share with anyone who has never seen it.

Brian Taylor

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