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August 3, 20156 min

On a Friday night in a random bar, a group of friends are hanging out, when someone goes to the jukebox, and selects a song. As soon as the song starts playing everyone recognizes it and someone gets on top of the bar, with some weird shoes on, and starts to do a dance, a dance that could maybe save you from a group of angry bikers. At this point you realized you have seen this all before, only it was in “Pee -Wee’s Big Adventure” and all of a sudden the world is right again. Movies and music go together in so many ways, but there is always that one song you hear that makes you recall that scene from your favorite movie. This here is a list, in no certain order of those songs.


“In Your Eyes”- Peter Gabriel, “Say Anything”

It doesn’t take much when this song is playing to picture John Cusack standing outside a window with a boom box held up above his head.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”-Queen, “Wayne’s World”

How many times has this song come on while you are driving, and you and your friends start to sing along, just like Wayne and Garth, “Party On!”

“Staying Alive”- The Bee Gees, “Saturday Night Fever”

No one made walking down a street with two cans of paint look cooler then John Travolta. With the help of this song playing over it, it gave us the picture of a ladies man.

“Stuck in the middle with you” –Stealer’s Wheel, “Reservoir Dogs”

If you are a Tarantino fan, then when this song is playing, I promise you that the image of Michael Madsen dancing around a guy tied up in a chair pops in your mind.

“Tiny Dancer”- Elton John, “Almost Famous”

This song was a hit before this movie, but it is forever associated now with the band Stillwater singing it on a bus


“Sister Christian”- Night Ranger, “Boogie Nights”

This song got new meaning when Alfred Molina plays it during a drug deal with a memorable performance.


“Twist and Shout”- The Beatles, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

Every time I hear this song, I can’t help to think about Ferris leading the city of Chicago in the perfect dance routine.


“Tequila”- The Champs, “Pee Wee’s Big Advneture”

This is one of those perfect marriages of song and film that will live forever in our minds.


“Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll- Bob Seger. “Risky Business”

How many times have you put this song on when you were alone and sang along with it in your underwear and a pair of socks, wait just me?


“Unchained Melody”- The Righteous Brothers, “Ghost”

This song is now forever be put together with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and some clay.


So there is ten songs out of many that bring back visions of cinema every time you hear them on the radio. What songs would be on your list?


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